Mutual Aid Fund

As part of our mutual aid efforts, we are collecting money from those among us who have more than enough resources, and redistributing it  to those of us who will struggle to make ends meet due to impacts from COVID-19. To learn more about receiving financial support see below. 

For those who have the means to contribute, your financial contribution is crucial in helping us to meet the immediate needs of the most vulnerable members of our communities. To learn more about redistributing resources read our giving guidelines, and to make a contribution click here

Do you want to get involved with the Mutual Aid Fund by delivering funds, fundraising, or identifying community needs and creating new projects to address them? Let us know by emailing! We thank you in advance for participating in supporting the principles of mutual aid.

For those Seeking Support

To request financial support please fill out an application below! We are doing our best to respond to requests as quickly as possible but we have a month long wait list and it is taking us 4+ weeks to respond to new applications. At this time we are only sending payments to folks in Western MA (Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties). 

We believe that relationship building is at the core of mutual aid. We know that we will continue to struggle even after COVID-19, and we will persevere through struggle with strong communities. With that in mind, we are making payments by delivering funds in person or mailing checks to local addresses.

Aplicar a nuestro fondo comunitario de ayuda mutua.

Fill out our mutual aid fund application to be considered.

Inscrever no nosso fundo de ajuda mútua da comunidade

Need help applying? Email us at or call the PVWC Hotline at (413) 351-2300.

Contribute to the Mutual Aid Fund

How Will Funds be Distributed?

The following plan was inspired by Amita Swadhin’s GoFundMe fundraiser for LGBTQIA + BIPOC folks.

Guiding Principles:

  • We know that the United States government’s response to COVID-19 has only deepened pre-existing hierarchies that make people vulnerable to undue hardship and premature death
  • We want to avoid parsing through people’s narratives and deciding whose needs are more important than others. We trust that people who apply for financial assistance need it.

The amount of money we will send you depends on information we collect in our application and our fundraising efforts. We will let you know how much money we can send you once we’ve processed your application. We will prioritize applicants who are (in no particular order):

• Indigenous
• Undocumented

Single Parents
• Houseless  

Sex Workers
• Disabled

• Chronically Ill
• Transgender

On the cusp of losing housing
• Food insecure
• People of Color

• Formerly Incarcerated

We will move people who live at the intersections of these identities or experiences to the front of the line, then respond to people who have any of these identities or experiences, then respond to all others in the order in which they applied. 

People requesting support are welcome to apply once per month. At this moment we do not have sufficient funds to make more than one payment per family. We are working on additional funding and we will update our distribution process if our capacity changes. 

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