Thomas Gregg

Offer: Food / Supply Dropoff

Name: Thomas Gregg

I have a car, and can drive/pick up/deliver anything that needs to go anywhere besides people really! I’m quarantining at the moment because of exposure with someone who recently went on a plane, but that did not have any symptoms; just being cautious. If I a exceedingly sanitary I believe I can safely offer this service. This also includes grocery/general errands. And, on Friday the 10th when my quarantine period is over, I will be able to give people rides as well.

Contact Methods:
Text, Email
Contact Info: (978) 918-1424
Willing to Travel:
30 minutes (vehicle)
Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday
Times Available:
Afternoons, Evenings, Mornings
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