Rowan Indigo

Offer: Health Care Advice / Expertise

Name: Rowan Indigo

I am extremely knowledgeable and skilled at advocating for and navigating rights of folks who are disabled, chronically ill, and have mental health issues in hospital settings (and for mental health any setting). We are seeing a dramatic increase in some hospitals of police presence, reduction of allowing visitors, and other deprivation of basic human rights (denied having PCAs attend appointments and other issues). I have extensive history doing crisis support from trauma and mental health emergencies, and extremely comfortable working in psych survivor/peer support modes. people with chronic medical and mental health issues in general are starting to be cut off from what can be life sustaining, organ sustaining, necessary for basic function ongoing chronic health care needs. I also would be willing to help safety plan and brainstorm for folks navigating domestic violence situations or household violence. are these skills relevant to this channel or would this perhaps be differentiated into another channel. Any disability/mental health/domestic violence related needs happy to help with around emotional support and advocacy and setting up support long distance. solidarity

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