Offer: Food Prep

Name: Emmett

I love cooking, as well as doing simple food prep. I would be happy to make you meals you can keep in your freezer for fridge for the week if you can help reimburse the cost of groceries. I can make things to to your exact specifications, or I can get a general list of what you like and make some tasty food for you. I was raised vegan so I’m quite good at vegan and vegetarian cooking, but I’m not anymore so I also am fine with cooking meat! I’m not so confident with severe food allergies.

Contact Methods:
Email, Text, Phone Call
Contact Info:
emmettdupont@gmail.com (860) 884-5829
Willing to Travel:
30 minutes (vehicle)
Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available:
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