Em Peake

Offer: Gardening / Agriculture

Name: Em Peake

Free garden consults over the phone! I know a lot of people are trying to get backyard gardens growing asap to deal with food insecurity/have food accessible that doesn’t require going to the grocery store. I have a decade of experience as a professional gardener in both ornamental and edible gardening. Have lots of experience coming up with creative & cheap solutions for growing food in small spaces. I’m available to dream big dreams, troubleshoot problems, answer technical questions, advise on planting plans with you etc etc! The best way to get in touch is to send me a text and then we can set up a phone call from there.

Contact Methods:
Text, Phone Call
Contact Info:
(207) 902-4088
Willing to Travel:
Days Available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Times Available:
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