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Name: Ash

beginner black femme herbalist offering free/sliding scale tinctures, oils, flowers, herbs. please consider sending money my way if possible, especially if you’re white! without car so pickup in Hadley preferred, unless folks want to help with distribution. i also don’t have dropper bottles (i’m asking for help attaining these in the grocery/general errands tab) so byo container please and be prepared to wait a bit while i disinfect everything! // tinctures: tulsi (gin/vodka) — 24 oz (limit 2oz per person), passionflower + lavender (vodka) — 2 oz, milky oats (vodka) — 2 oz, bee balm (vodka) — 2 oz, echinacea (vodka) — 32 oz (limit 3 oz per person) // oils: cbd oil (sweet almond carrier): 4 oz (1-2 oz per person), cbd oil blend (sweet almond carrier inflused with 69 herbs spliff blend [mullein, rose, skullcap, marshmallow, lavender, mugwort, damiana): 2oz, ginger cbd oil (sweet almond — my ratios were off so i would reccomend diluting with a different oil): ~6oz // flowers and herbs: 4 24oz. mason jars of organically grown CBD flower (i helped grow), dyers coreopsis (a lot), dried comfrey

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